Programming Your Fitness

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This is the best and most detailed guide for functional fitness athletes, and lifters.  It is based off of my 15 plus years experience inside the gym, both as an athlete and as a coach.  

This 125 page guide will help you fix the most common problems that plague functional fitness athletes.  

- gaining strength and increasing muscle size 

- increasing conditioning without losing your lifting ability 

- losing fat like an athlete 

- understanding the principles behind efficient programming

Purchase of this book also gives you access to the Programming Your Fitness Facebook group where you can ask the author any questions you desire.  You might even see science words like mechanistic target of rapamycin in the group!  

All kidding aside, this book is a step by step process for planning long term fitness goals and accomplishing them.  This isn't a program, it's your guide to building your own well rounded fitness plan.  Enjoy!

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    125 pages
  • Size4.02 MB
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Programming Your Fitness

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